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Mobile Asphalt Mixing Equipment

mobile asphalt mixing equipment is convenient to move and a perfect equipment for small-and-medium road construction and maintenance.

Mobile Continuous Asphalt Mixing Equipment

SOUTH combines the market requirement and national energy-saving requirement develops the YLLB mobile continuous asphalt mixing equipment.

Side-type Asphalt Mixing Equipment

The side-type asphalt mixing equipment uses the burner independently developed by SOUTH and the original wear-resistant parts imported from Sweden.

Tower-type Asphalt Mixing Equipment

The tower-type asphalt mixing equipment developed by SOUTH is widely used in railway and urban construction engineering.

Bypass Asphalt Mixing Equipment

The bypass asphalt mixing equipment developed by SOUTH provides a thermal efficiency of 90% and an energy reduction of 15%.

Warm Mix Foamed Asphalt Technology

The warm mix foamed asphalt technology is to make asphalt foamed, expand the volume and significantly decrease the viscosity by adding water, which finishes coating with the aggregate at a low temperature, thereby performing the mixing and operation at a low temperature to reduce pollution emissions.
MFR20 Coal Fired Burner for asphalt mixing plant; MFR20 Coal Burner for asphalt batching plant; coal power burner for
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mfr20 coal burners for asphalt plant
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